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Eyelash Extensions

The practical benefits of eyelash extensions have resulted in its rise as one of the most popular beauty treatments amongst women today. In a world where time is precious, we as women still strive to and are expected to look our best every day. Applying makeup every morning, however, can be tedious and time consuming. With such busy lives spent racing against the clock, perfecting your makeup shouldn’t have to be such a stressful task. At Gel Nails LLC, we specialize in providing those all over Columbus, OH these extravagant lashes.

There are many different kinds of fake lashes that you can partake in, in regards to your preferences. Our synthetic or silk eyelashes are considered to be the heaviest which are great for a more full, thick look. The mink eyelashes are usually thinner and softer than silk, but can be applied to appear just as vibrant and thick. These mink lashes are usually used to give you a more all natural look to your eyes along with some added gloss and shine.

Contact our nail salon in Columbus, OH to learn more about our eyelash extensions as well as our acrylic nails and our popular microblading.